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Why am I leading with a video of Lorne Cardinal and his Journey to 1000 Subs?

This is a video I made entirely. Editing, photography, thumbnail design. I even composed the music too.

It’s in portrait (best for mobile) as 3 of 4 adults report watching YouTube on their phone.

Lorne’s audience is primarily adult.

I’ll get to building my YouTube channel as well + sharing these builds from multiple facets…but it all takes time, effort + a bit o’ discipline.

One of my main things now is building on Lorne’s brand as a well-established industry veteran using my multi-industry expertise + creativity.

Lorne Cardinal Channel

We’d be ecstatic if you subscribed to Lorne’s YouTube channel.

Our first target is the magic 1000 subs.

Watching + liking some videos helps greatly…thanks.

How specifically does this help?

It counts toward the very important 4000 watch hours.

Learn about building on YouTube + more…