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There’s a few purposes as to why I’m leading with a video of Lorne Cardinal and his Journey to 1000 Subs.

This is a video I made entirely. Editing, photography, thumbnail design. I even composed the music too.

It’s in portrait (best for mobile) as 3 of 4 adults report watching YouTube on their phone.

Lorne’s audience is primarily adult.

I’ll be building my YouTube channel as well sharing this build from multiple facets.

Building on and expanding Lorne’s brand as a well-established industry veteran via my multi-industry expertise + multi-faceted creativity.

Lorne Cardinal Channel

We’d be ecstatic if you subscribed to Lorne’s YouTube channel as we’re aiming for the magic 1000 subs and we’re at 329 today (Jan 5, 2023).

It’d also be greatly appreciated if you watched + liked some videos especially these two above + below.

Why are these two videos important?

They count toward the very important 4000 watch hours.